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9 Things That All Women Should Know about the Perimenopause Stage
The menopause transition is a critical phase in the lives of all women hence why you need to pay keen attention to it. The idea is to know symptoms to guide you know when you get to this stage. Here are some of the things that women should observe.

Variations in period is the first symptom of the menopause transition. For example, your period may start taking more or fewer days than usual. If you miss your periods you should know that you may be entering the perimenopause stage.

Hot flashes and night sweats is the other sign of the perimenopause stage. Many women will get sudden body heats mostly during the night. If this symptom is severe you should consider seeking medical attention.

Vaginal dryness is the other sign of being perimenopausal. Due to this condition women at this stage may experience discomfort during sex. You should, therefore, consider buying over the counter vaginal lubricants.

Lower sex drive is the other symptom of the menopause transition. Women at this stage lacks the drive to enjoy sex with their partners due to hormonal changes. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the solutions to this issues; thus you need to visit a clinic such as Yunique Medical.

Maybe you have been experiencing difficulties sleeping which may be due to being perimenopausal. High body temperatures may be the cause of your lack of sleep during the menopause transition. Therefore, the discomfort will cause you to struggle to sleep well.

Many ladies gain weight during the menopause transition. Therefore, you should start working out frequently and eating a healthy diet to overcome the weight gain problem.

The other sign of perimenopausal is having urinary issues. Such as infections on the urinary tract and losing bladder control.

You may experience rapid mood changes during the perimenopause. The changes in hormones production during this stage will affect your feeling. Feeling irritated, sad and anxious are some of the most common feelings during this period. To overcome this side effects you should consider changing your lifestyle. For example, you need to take a healthy diet and get friends you can share with your feelings.

Some women lose hair during the perimenopause. As a woman you should look for any signs that you may be losing hair.

It is stressful for many women to reach the menopause phase. Hence, you should look out for the symptoms of being perimenopausal and how to handle them. For example, to improve sex drive you can consider hormone replacement therapy. You will aim to see medical professionals who can help ease the negative effects of the menopause transition.